Sabrina Clery (vocals)

Vita Tanga (guitar)
Lawrence "Ice" Graham (drums)  
Jason Smith (bass)
Tetsuya Sato (bass) 

Manny Montanez (percussion) 

Jason Rosen (guitar) 

Tashe (poet)

Dean James (drums)

Dareem Chandler (drums)

Mykel Dyce (vocals)  

Cordial Outcast (guitar)

Doug Hinrichs (percussion)
Ruddy Nau (drums)
JT Curtis (guitar)
Hotta Flames (guitar)
Chad Franklin (keys)
Jonathan Gill (drums)
Alix Goffic (drums)
Antar Goodwin (bass)

Mariella Price (vocals)

Allen Bernard Branch (drums)
Tomoaki Kanno (drums)
Kayo (drums)
Hiroyuki Matsuura (drums)
Sly Scott (sax/flute)
Phil Smith (bass)
Warren Grant (drums)
Kumiko Tanaka (melodica)
Kurt Thum (keys)
Henry “Sax” Young (sax)




Arts Access

Atlantic Antic Festival

Beer Authority

Black Life Candle

Brazen Head Brooklyn

Brooklyn Academy of Music

Brooklyn Commons

Cafe Wha

​Club Groove NYC

Cupping Room Cafe

Emblem Health

Healing Arts Initiative

Housing Works

King + Company

Make Music New York

Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Michael Vacarr Promotions

Music That Heals

Newark Museum

NY Variety Show

Prohibition NYC

Resorts World Casino

R U A Star? Television Broadcast


Visiting Nurses of New York

World Eater Recordings

Team Red Sahara


Managing Director: Sabrina Clery

Musical Director: Vita Tanga

Producer: Christian "Wicked" Wicht

Logo Designer: Alec Timerman

Graphic Designer: Christian X. Jones

Photography: Delilah Peach
Quality Control: Kaya Sky

Video Production:
​Patricia Schneidewind

Cordial Outcast

Marlene Villafane
Dean Loren
Brian Burke
Ajae Gonzalez

Feature on R U A Star?


Contact us to feature on our weekly live television show which broadcasts live every Tuesday on Manhattan Neighborhood Network at 11pm. ruastarlive@gmail.com

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We are honored to partner with non-profit organization, Artsmith, who believe that every child, in spite of socio-economic status, should have access to the Arts.

Red Sahara functions as the organization's music specialists and create and facilitate music based programs which include live performances, songwriting workshops and a drum program. www.artsmith.org

Private Music Lessons


We also provide private guitar and vocal lessons for children and adults as low as $1 per minute! 

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information. 



Voice: raiseyourvoicestudio@gmail.com